Tuesday, June 12, 2007

FCPL Blogs

[NOTE: Participants in bold have completed all 23 Things.]

not a techie (Adrienne B.)
Amy's "23 Things" Blogspot (Amy G.)
sumRclass (Amy W.)
Leithenese (Angela L.)
bibliobulb (Anon)
Thule (Barbara W.)
frizz (Bertha F.)
Is This a Weed? (Beth A.)
Bookworm Talk (Carol L.)
24 (Caroline O.)
Spider Versus Centipede (Carolyn M.)
Mr. Sunshine's Bedevilment Machine (Chris L.)
Of Interest (Christine L.)
Peace out (Clare B.)
Colleen (Colleen C.)
Don't let them get your goat (Cynthia W.)
Confessions of a Warcrack Addict (Derek B.)
Ramblings of a Library Man (Derek G.)
Dina's Blog (Dina F.)
Rocket Girl (Dolores M.)
checkoutdmc (Donna C.)
Trek for Tech (Doris C.)
Irish Bookie's Blog (Erin D.)
Ok I'm Learning (Gail L.)
Learning Contract (George B.)
James' Thangs (James K.)
ILLBookbuyer (Jane S.)
Talking Hands Librarian (Julia C.)
JT: A Librarian Wannabe (Julie T.)
Karin's blog (Karin T.)
budding library scientist (Kari M.)
Viginti Tres (Karie A.)
golatac (Kathy W.)
Kay's Way (Kay C.)
Colorado Kid (Kelly W.)
Kristine at the Library (Kristine F.)
Lesa @ The Library (Lesa Z.)
Leslie's View (Leslie G.)
My Things Too (Linda F.)
MC's finest (Maria Y.)
Honore's Milcah (Marie A.)
LifelongLearnerClub (Mary B-F.)
Roadtrip Fancy (Mary C.)
Mistress Mary, quite contrary . . . (Mary G.)
DoKyiInfoServices (Mary M.)
Contrary Mary (Mary M.)
mem's 23 Things (Mary Ellen M.)
Liberry Learnin' (Melissa S.)
MC Blogger (Michael C.)
librarymanna (Mike H.)
Maille Junkie (Nanda C.)
Dippity Do (Pat J.)
Discovering 23 Things (Patricia A.)
Individual Study (Patty S.)
Bookclub Gal (Phyllis B.)
Polkadotsandpuppies (Rachel G.)
Bog's Thoughts (Ralph P.)
av king (Rick M.)
O Henry (Robin B.)
RobinIsReading (Robin G.)
robynreads (Robyn L.)
frozenprecipitation (Sally B.)
TheBookGoddess (Sandy D.)
ScaredyTechGirl (Shelba B.)
Frederick Quinones Family (Sherry Q.)
Susan's Space (Susan K.)
webdiscovery (Susannah T.)
The Frederick Hippie (Sydney M.)
The Life of a Sub (Tara L.)
Learning To Play (Teresa V.)
23LibraryThings (Terri K.)
Vicky's Bookmark (Vicky A.)
ajerseygirl-victoria (Victoria B.)